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Innovations in the
Coffee Supply Chain
Tuesday, Oct 27th
2pm - 5.30pm (GMT +7)
This event brought together top innovators in the coffee industry, from Ethiopia, Myanmar, Indonesia, and Vietnam, plus other experts on agri-tech and venture capital, and talked about opportunities to strengthen the coffee industry and supply stream through innovative tools, techniques, and approaches. 


Opening Speech by
Mr. Andreas Pletziger, Senior Policy Officer, German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation & Development (BMZ)
Virtual Tour to Tanamera Coffee Farm
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Innovations at Every Step

A look at the  top innovations from

Ethiopia, Indonesia, Myanmar & Vietnam

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Breakout Sessions (1 Hr)

“Solving Coffee's Problems Through Innovation”

Room 1: Finding The Right Buyers

                Moderator: Randi Wagener (GIZ)

                Featuring innovations from Buon Ma Thuot Coffee         

                Association, BUMI, Cropster, FairChain, Goodel and So So   

                Good Coffee Company

Room 2: Ensuring Coffee Quality & Consistency

                Moderator: Till Ahnert (GIZ)

                Featuring innovations from Adena, Bosgaurus, Green Bean,

                Khe Sanh, PS Business School, Sau Nhung Coffee

                Producers, Seniman Coffee, and Tanamera

Room 3: Increasing the Income of Coffee Farmers 

                Moderator Jen Green (GIZ Consultant)

                Featuring innovations from Behind the Leaf, Jadae Akha     

                Coffee Group, Kiwari, 
Moyee, Onda Origins, SMS, and

                United Power

Panel Discussion (45 Min)

“Can Coffee Innovations Change The World?”

Moderator: Jen Green (GIZ Consultant)


  • Pamela Chng, Founder at The Bettr Group

  • Dr. Kraig Kraft, Asia and Africa Director at World Coffee Research

  • Laura Lestari, senior investment associate at AC Ventures

Social Hour - Virtual Networking Session





Cropster Inc.

Digital Bookkeeping for Coffee Producers

2.Fair Chain Tech.png

FairChain Coffee Agro-Processing PLC

Blockchain-backed Consumer to Farmer Loans & Investment

3.Green Bean.png

Green Bean 


Locally Produced Small Mechanical Dryer for Coffee and Spices

Moyee Coffee Germany

Traceability and Consumer Engagement through Reinvestment Programs



Adena Coffee Indonesia

Accelerated Natural Coffee Processing with Small Batch Dryer

BUMI logo.png

Bangun Usaha Multiguna (BUMI)

Tip the Farmer Model

Traceable Marketplace

Productivity Dashboards

Know Your Customer (KYC)

Blockchain-based Technology

2.CoffeeTrace Logo-hq (2).png

Goodel Skylove Indonesia

2.CoffeeTrace Logo-hq (1).png

Origin-centered Traceability and Transparency Tools for Producers

Kiwari Farmers

Instant Specialty Coffee

Freeze Drying Method

Seaweed-based Natural Packaging


Onda Origins

Increasing Consumers Contribution to Farmer Revenue through Blockchain and Producer-led Storytelling

Logo_seniman coffee.png

Seniman Coffee Indonesia

Expanding Coffee's Vocabulary with an Indonesian Flavor Wheel Tools

So So Good Coffee Company

Designing High Quality Flavor Profiles for Green Coffee with Native Yeast and Bacteria

Tanamera Kopi Indonesia

Scalable Processing for Consistent Quality


Behind The Leaf Coffee

BTL "Bunk Beds" Increase Coffee Quality and Provide Off Season Income

2. JadaeLogo(Jpeg).png

Jadae Akha Coffee Group

Brand Development and Eco-tourism for Minority Ethnic Groups in Myanmar

ps logo edx_Sep18_GrandFinal_Transp 2 (0

PS Business School

MM Coffee Academy by PSedx Accessible Training and Networking

4.UP logo.jpg

United Power

UP Solar Dome





Optimizing the Flavor Spectrum for Arabica Catimor thru Controlled Processing

1.BMTCA logo.png

Buon Ma Thuot Coffee Association

Training and Branding for Higher Quality Coffee


Khe Sanh Agri-Product Cooperative

Cooperative fertilizer production to create a sustainable organic input source

4.Sau Nhung 1.png

Sau Nhung

Solar domes for drying coffee and other agricultural products

Solar domes for drying coffee and other agricultural products

Sustainable Management Services

On-farm Soil Testing and Agronomy Training

Our Speakers


Laura Lestari

AC Ventures

Laura Lestari is a senior investment associate at AC Ventures (ACV), an early-stage technology venture fund that focuses on investing in Indonesia’s digital disruptors.


Prior to ACV, she worked at an investment bank and a big four firm where she took on a number of roles including corporate finance, M&A, pre-IPO, and risk advisory.


Dr. Kraig Kraft

World Coffee Research

Kraig H. Kraft is an agro-ecologist who has worked on rural development issues for over 15 years. Prior to joining WCR, Dr. Kraft worked with Catholic Relief Services as their Regional Technical advisor for coffee and cacao in Latin America. He has led impact assessments of sustainability projects in coffee and cacao. Dr. Kraft is the co-author of a book on climate change and food traditions, Chasing Chiles: Hot Spots Along the Pepper Trail.  Dr. Kraft is fluent in Spanish, is working on his French and has a M.S. in International Agricultural Development and a Ph.D. in Agricultural Ecology from UC Davis.


Pamela Chng

Bettr Barista

Pamela has over 19 years of start-up and business experience, and is the cofounder ofThe Bettr Group, a for-profit social business and vertically integrated specialty coffee company in Singapore that aims to change lives through coffee.Through its education brand Bettr Barista and retail brand Bettr Coffee Co., it empowers lives through holistic vocational programmes for marginalised women and youth, nurtures direct and sustainable trade across the supply chain, and encourage socially and environmentally conscious consumption wherever it operates.

Social Hour Experts & Funders


We know that meeting the right people is critical to helping your business grow and scale. All entrepreneurs need mentors, advisors and collaborators who specialize in finance, marketing, coffee trade, leadership and other areas to help them overcome the challenges in making their business ideas successful. CIF has provided coaching, support, and connections to consultants and advisors for the 21 companies in our pilot, but even after our support ends we want every business with innovative ideas to have access to the resources and expertise it takes to be successful. 


Building a network is one way to increase access to experts and advisors in critical sectors related to innovative coffee businesses, and since we could not safely hold an in-person event, we wanted to bring some of the top experts in the coffee, innovative, finance, and start up world to meet our partners and anyone else interested in bringing innovation to their coffee business.


Whether or not you had a chance to chat with them at our Virtual Networking Event, if you have questions you can use these experts as a starting point.

James Hoffman

Square Mile Coffee (UK)

Ask him about: anything at all!

Caterina Meloni

Connecting Founders (TH)

Ask her about: Starting a business, funding, ESG/ sustainability in coffee.

Retno Dwi Jayanti

Rabobank Foundation (ID)

Ask her about: Funding & expanding internationally.

Galeno Chua

The Idea Consultants (EU)

Ask him about: Market Testing Products; Services & Brands; Starting a Business; Sustainable Business Strategy; Marketing; Building a robust pitch; Team Management.

Moenardji Soedargo

PT Aneka Coffee Industry (ID)

Ask him about: Coffee trading, Exports, Processing & sustainability process.

Isabel van Bemmelen

Progreso Foundation (NL)

Ask her about: Access to market & finance.

Steffie Rijpkema & Frank Kraajkamp

Beyco (NL)

Ask them about: Access to market, Direct Trade, Digital Innovations in coffee.

Lee Ayu Chuepa

Akha Ama Coffee (TH)

Ask him about: Coffee production & social business in the coffee sector.

Dr. Susan Chen

GoJek (SG)

Ask her about: People/team development and the startup scene as well as some market entry insight & strategy.

Mark Koppejan

Rabobank Foundation (NL/VN)

Ask him about: Funding (loans, trade finance), and coffee business/smallholder farmers.

Kimberley Johnston

KLJ Consulting (UK)

Ask her about: Starting a Business; Executive Leadership; Career Transitions; Female Founders.

Pradita Astarina

Cakra Finansindo Investama (ID)

Ask her about: Funding, strategy, anything.

Richard Atmadja

PT. Mayora Indah (ID)

Ask him about: Coffee processing & trading.

Intan Fadrinatri

Rainforest Alliance (ID)

Ask her about: Certification & the process of getting certified; Coffee supply chain from farmers; Coffee cultivation stories and the challenges farmers are facing.

About The Coffee Innovation Fund

The Coffee Innovation Fund is the first of its kind, a private sector investment program implemented by Deutsche Gesellschaft fur Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH on behalf of the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ), to support pioneering projects in coffee in Indonesia, Vietnam, Myanmar and Ethiopia.

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Coffee Innovation Fund 2.0

After a successful first round in which 21 projects were selected and piloted, the Fund's second round 

will continue to create opportunities for investment in four East African countries: 

Ethiopia, Kenya, Rwanda & Uganda.

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